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The Secret to Great Eggs Digital Collage on canvas with paint 5.25” x 3.25”

It was a wee bit strange if you ask me, but then again there were no finer eggs in Dundee than those laid by Pete McTeagle’s hens. They were bleedin’ brilliant they were: light and fluffy, and not a trace of cholesterol in them.

Jealous farmers claimed ol’ Pete had made a pact with the Devil himself, but as I said, “They’re not bleedin’ deviled eggs, is they you idjits. They’re good for you.” Now, Spike Campbell’s nephew, Spots say he was up around Pete’s hen house in the wee hours of dawn, tryin’ to figure out what made those lovely hens create those miraculous eggs. And he claims he sees some wee man in the yard moving the birds along like some traffic cop. It’s all haverin’ if you ask me.