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The Day I Fell from Grace with God Tape Transfer Collage 5.25” x 5.25”

Among angels I was the most outspoken. To be more precise, I was a smart ass. While I was always good for a laugh, my attitude, just as often, got me into serious trouble with the Man. Usually my comments were taken in stride and with a great deal of humor, but every once in a while I stepped over the line and touched a nerve in the Boss. Then, I would be asked to leave the meeting or go off to attend to some dull task.

It happened one Sunday in Spring as we gathered to review and hear the prayers coming up from all the churches down on Earth. It was a time of imminent conflict down there. As nations readied themselves for war, the stream of prayers surged. Most of the prayers could be bundled and handled in a single gesture. Standard stuff: “Protect our sons and daughters.” Being a cynic to the core, I know that it was just a matter of time before the inane “Grant our nation victory over our evil foe,” type of prayers came in. Sure enough, it was on this day that the leader of a great nation was prattling on about invading another nation because it was God’s will to do so.

Fed up with this nonsense, I shot down a small miracle, making this moron cluck like a chicken. I raised a few laughs among the other angels, but the Boss didn’t look so favorably on such an over misuse of angelic intervention.
And so, I was cast out and fell to Earth somewhere in middle America fated to suffer the folly of men.