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Ohio Story 1 Tape Transfer Collage 3.25” x 5.25”

Nothing soothes a weary elephant like a good dust bath. After a long day of grazing, it is the perfect way to wind down. Now it is a sad fact of life that those elephants who live in cities are denied this simplest of pleasures. Here is the story of one such elephant.

Mabel performed for the circus five nights a week with two matinees on weekends. She worked her trunk to the bone entertaining crowds. One Sunday after a particularly stressful week, Mabel wanted nothing more than a dust bath. She wandered the city all afternoon looking for a nice parched piece of earth, but could find none.

Eventually, she wandered into an out-of-service steel foundry. There she found bountiful heaps of dust where she settled in and fell asleep. She awakened later with a blast as she was catapulted up through a smoke stack and out across Cleveland.