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Ohio Story 2 Collage 5.25” x 3.25”

This is another story of that time early in the last century when once bucolic portions of our nation gave way to industrialization and were forever transformed.

It should come as no surprise that southern Ohio was once home to a thriving and vibrant population of tiny druid-like people. Back in those days, Dayton was the terminus for recently arrived German immigrants. One can only assume that the little people must have come over in the ship holds arriving from Hamburg or Bremen.

According to local historians, the rolling hills around Dayton were home to a vibrant tree-dwelling community. Newly arrived Germans and wee people co-existed in peace until a local newspaper tycoon who refused to believe in the druids ordered all trees in the surrounding area chopped down.

Gradually, the once-blue skies turned yellow and than a dull brown. Some say that the wee people moved out to northern California. Others contest that the tree-dwellers went underground where they built cavernous casinos and thrived. Regardless of one’s position in this debate, only one thing is certain: after that time, they were never seen again.