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Telegram Incident Collage 5.25” x 3.25”

Choopa McDaniels was monkey who worked in the Flutterville Telegraph Office. His boss, Mrs. Crane, would call him into her office whenever a telegram arrived and say something like, “Choopa, take this one to the Warblers at Branch 67 Sycamore.” Choopa would then hop on his little bicycle and peddle to his destination. Over the years, Flutterville’s citizens grew to love the site of little monkey on his bicycle.

One day, Mrs. Crane squawked that Mr. Bluebird had just received a telegram informing him that he had won the new jingle contest for Baxter’s Snapping Seeds. “Deliver it at once,” she yelled. But when Choopa got outside he discovered his bicycle had a flat tire. Desperate, he flagged down Lou Canard, the town’s football star. “Lou, take me to the Bluebirds, pronto!” cried Choopa. The whole town was startled to see the little monkey racing down the street on Lou’s back.