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Unbeautiful* Collage on canvas 5.25” x 3.25”

Calvin and his elephant Kathleen performed in a small European circus. The two rehearsed everyday and spent hours discussing choreography. Both of them held strong opinions about Beauty and Movement. Though neither was a snob, they had definite standards by which they judged themselves as well as other performers.

Cassandra, the Ring Master’s daughter (a dreadful interpretive dancer) had pretensions of being an artist. Kathleen and Calvin shuddered through her performances. When the Ring Master gave Cassandra top billing, Calvin and Kathleen ran away. Lasting fame awaited them in Vienna.

*Unbeautiful is a word coined by Tim Quirk in his song by the same name. One day the good people of Westchester County New York will erect a statue to him. He is a genius. To find it go to: http://www.sayhername.com