In no specific order, below you'll find worthwhile diversions.

Peter Himmelman - Straddling the worlds of storytelling, humor, philosophy and rock'n'roll, Peter occupies a place that is all his own. Go to his website. Buy his records and next time he comes to your town make a point of seeing him live. Get swept up in the melée as he flirts with chaos and brings an intensity to his songs that transform them into palpable experiences.

Ansuman Biswas and Jem Finer - No such thing as a magic carpet you think? Think again. Check out this documentation of a great concept realized. Art meets science and the result is poetic and very funny.

Beanie's Weird World - Friends of Eleanor Musick are welcome to visit this new site under construction.

The Artificial Milkshake - Friends of Morley Musick are welcome to visit this new site under construction.

The Paper Moon - One day the sublime hand-cut paper collages of New York artist and musician, Ida Pearle will reside in art museums around the world. Her work is every bit as moving and beautiful as Matisse's paper pieces and far more narrative. See her work, buy a print, or ask her to commission a piece. http://www.

Dalkey Archive Press - Bless John O'Brien's heart for keeping difficult experimental fiction alive. Do this great organization a favor and purchase one of its books.

Perishable Records - In a just world, Califone and Sin Ropas would rule the airwaves. Imagine murky cowboy music made by machines. That's how my son describes it. Plus, you've got to support any musicians who allow you and your eight-year-old son to hang out during a recording session.

The Museum of Jurrassic Technology - Whatcan I say that hasn't already been said in Lawrence Weschler's Book, Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonders.

Sledbag - He cashed in his Pringles Potato Chip cans collection decades ago, but he hasn't cashed out yet. Welcome to the wonderful world of Brendan deVallence. Here you'll find a comprehensive study of abandonned vacuum cleaners, great prints and the music of bubblegum goth band, Dead Gwynne.

Jem Finer - Yes, it's the former Pogues member, who created a piece of music that's going to keep playing for something like a bazillion years.

Intuit the Center for Outsider Art - It's here in Chicago. It's always interesting.

I may add more names in the future if the spirit moves me.

Thanks for visiting.