The sillouttes shown below were completed between September 24 and October 3, 2009. All spreads are 7" w x 5.5"h


Front Cover
Confused Robot
The Lesson
Abstract Expressionist Man vs. Atomic Pink Poodle
Conjuring Ghosts from My Boots
Shaming Snails
Sea Horse Play
Blind Date
Unleaded Interlude
The Exchange
Sleigh Bells & Black Belts
Separated at Birth
Hovering Above the Ghost City Bush
At My Pace
Doing Battle with My Appliances
Sneaking Up
Shouting Down Dirigibles
You See a Stradavarius, I See a Delicious Meal
Welcoming the Return of the Incandescent Lightbulb
Reading to the Meters
He Was Not Fond of Modern Furniture Design
I Dodo
Monster with Ponytail
Back Cover