An Ordinary Gal - Digital Collage 6" x 4"

I have to say the zoo keepers are nothing if not accomodating. They all knew how I felt about being here when I first arrived and granted me concessions denied all the other animals. Perhaps if I had been less articulate about my needs, they never would have given me the money for the cage makeover. It's incredible what a little wallpaper and paint can do for a girl's spirit. Finally, this place felt like my own.

Still, I remained lonely.Not that I was looking for a mate. Heaven knows the last thing I wanted was some new gentleman suitor calling on me! I just longed for a nice quiet life with a pleasant companion. Somehow that Goodall woman who was in town visiting got the gist of what I was saying. Shortly thereafter, my beloved Betsy arrived. Oh, how I love this dog and our life together. Every morning we rise before the zoo opens and go for our morning walk. Then, in the evening we go out once again.Now, if they could somehow get rid of all those idiots who make faces at me my life would be perfect.