Heart Trouble- Digital Collage 6" x 6"

"Looking past me Maude said in a distracted way, "So that's your appetizer?"
"I made them just for you." I sputtered
She gazed down at the platter and seemed utterly indifferent, but commented,
" They look very nice ...and wholesome... and ummm...heart-healthy."
"But ?" I asked sensing trouble.
"I really want to taste Jerry's ramaki" she confessed.
"Jerry's ramaki!"I repeated. Her words crashed down on me like bricks. "You've got to be kidding. Chicken liver and bacon!"
"Don't forget the water chestnut." she added.
"Maude," I said in disbelief, "Do you have any idea what that stuff will do to your cholesterol count?"
"What can I say? I'm a good girl drawn to bad foods."
"But it's Valentine's Day and you're my date," I answered.
"Listen, Burl." she said. "I'm sure there are plenty of nice girls who are just going to love your spinach puffs."
"Maude," I pleaded. "Think of the nitrates. The sodium. Need I add that it's not kosher?"
"Not Kosher?" she said."Burl, we're both Presbyterian."
"Then, that's all the more reason you should be eating my spinach puffs!"I cried.
I threw up my arms. It was useless for me to argue. I loved Maude, but Maude loved bacon. She reach up, patted my cheek and then breezed past me over to the habachi where Jerry's bacon sizzled.