Ned Medford - Cetacean Financial Planner- Digital Collage 4" x 6"

Father's greatest wish was to see me join him in the family business. The Medford name has been associated with the Cape Cod whaling trade stretching back to the 1680s.As one of New England's oldest banking houses, my ancestors financed whaling expeditions and managed the money of generations of whalers. Like any good Medford, I have a head for financial planning, but like any good Cape Codder my heart swims in the blue grey waters of the Atlantic. Summers during my university years, I volunteered at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratories and dreamed of working with blue whales. Much to Father's dismay I decided to pursue a degree in Marine Biology. He did not understand my feelings of indebtedness I felt toward the species whose slaughter had provided me a life of privelege.

My doctoral thesis focused on blue whale communication. I spent a great deal of time in submersibles listening in on the great cries of the Atlantic's beautiful blue giants during the research phase of my dissertation . When slowed down, the cries that I presumed to be mating calls turned out to be a heated discussion between a female and male about their failure to have done any long-term financial planning. The female seemed to have a much better grasp of their income needs for retirement and was positively savvy about tax-deferred annuities. The male possessed a not-uncommon short-term outlook and thought decisions could be put off until a later date. Donning a wet-suit I left the submersible and swam out to the leviathan couple. Using chalk and slate I explained how I thought I might help them. The male appeared tentative, but the female nudged him in a way that clearly communicated "I told you so." In that moment I understood my life's calling. Surfacing, an hour later I walked directly to the office of the chairman of my doctoral committee and told him I would be leaving the program.Then I marched down to Harvard Square and called on my father telling him that I would be joining him in business, but with the unambigouous understanding that I would handle the finances of cetaceans only.

My practice thrived. Whales as far away as Antarctica called on me for long-term financial planning. My background in marine biology certainly helped me and let my clients know that I "spoke their language." Following a a prudent strategy of diversification, I guided them through the murky waters of portfolio management and helped secure their future well-being. As my clients gained financial independence they were able to buy themselves out of the predator/prey cycle and eventually buy up entire whaling fleets that they quickly converted into cod trawlers. It is a little known fact but to this very day the commercial fishing industry is almost entirely controlled by cetaceans thanks in some measure to my efforts.