Checkers- Digital Collage 4" x3.5"

"Mr. President," I said. "I know I contributed to your re-election campaign and all, but does Checker's here have to show me his gratitude by getting romantic with my leg." Dick picked up a book that was sitting on the coffee table and threw it at the dog. The dog scurried behind the couch with its tail between its legs.
"You know, Bob," he said. "I love that dog. Checkers is the only one in this entire damn family who likes me."
"Well, Mr. President I hope he doesn't like you in the same way he seems to like my leg."
He ignored my comment and said, "I'd never do anything to hurt Checkers. He's all heart." He turned melancholy and sat in silence. Then without a word, he rose from his chair and walked out to the patio leaving me alone in the den with the dog.
No sooner, had he left when Checkers came out from behind the couch and went straight for my crotch.He dug in with his snout like he was flushing grouse. "Whoa! Down Boy," I said."Fido, you're wearing out your welcome here. Shoo!" I tried to gently push him away but he went for me again. "Checkers, settle down. We haven't even been properly introduced." When he started to climb up my leg again I reached over and grabbed his snout. Turning first to see if Dick still had his back to us, I did something Der Binger would have heartily endorsed: I gave that mutt a swift kick in the derriere. It yelped and ran from the room. Dick came in from the veranda and and collapsed back into his chair. Maybe it was just my guilty conscience, but I swear the old scoundral gave me a smirk. "We're a pair, Hope. You and I." I turned toward him and grinned. "We sure are." I replied. "We sure are."