Can I Tell You a Secret?- Digital Collage 4" x 6"

"Chaing, can I tell you a secret?"
"Hmm?" replied his friend.
"I'm not chinese."
"Yeah right," his friend smirked.
"Really. I'm not kidding."
"What are you talking about, Man?" said Chaing.
"I said I was chinese just so I could hang out with you and your friends."
"You've got to be at least half chinese with a name like Lu.
"It's short for Luciano."
"Come on."
"No, really. I'm one hundred percent italian."
"Stop pulling my leg. Listen, you're as much a noodle hound as my friends and me."
"Remember that whole Marco Polo thing and him bringing noodles back to Italy from China."
"Oh, yeah."
"Back home we call it pasta."
"So, you really are italian?"
"Yeah," replied Luciano looking sheepish.
"That's cool, Lu", said Chaing. "You can still hang with the boys and me."
"I can? Oh, thanks Chaing. You're the greatest."