Molemen - Collage Gouche, Tissue Paper & Found Art 3.25" x 5"

Add to the indiginities of middle age moles that blossom on one's body seemingly overnight. Last week as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt what I thought was an insect traversing my forearm.To my great surprise I found two tiny shirtless men wearing tin hats and dark goggles standing in the hairs on my arm. It was certainly a shocking sight but worse was the apparatus they carried. Each man held in his right hand what looked like the kind of cannister used by exterminators. In their left hands they clutched needle-like sprayers dripping a viscous tar-like substance that emitted a green haze. I watched as they lowered their sprayers toward the surface of my skin. In a blind panic, I swept them up into my hand and dropped them into the waterglass on my nightstand. They thrashed about in the water, tiny helmets pinging against the side of the glass. A minute or two later their struggles came to an end. Shaken I raced to the bathroom, found a bottle of Valium, swallowed two pills and washed them down with a whiskey chaser.I returned to my bed and stared at the tiny lifeless forms floating in my glass.I was wondering who to contact about this discovery when I slipped into a deep sleep. I awoke the next morning, full of expectation, only to find that at some point during the night apparently I drank the entire glass of water.