I'm So Sorry-Digital Collage 4" x 6"

One Day

"Lionel, how could you exclude me?"
"What's the big deal Dave? You don't even like those guys."
"That's not the point. You and I have been friends since we were a couple of pipsqueaks."
"It wasn't me, Dave. I told the herd, 'My buddy Dave wants to come along today.' And they were like, 'Dave Who?' I said, 'You know he's that lion who hangs out on the rock overlooking the watering hole'. And they said like, 'You hang out with that guy? What are you crazy? He ate Arnie Olshanky.' And I said, 'Dave? No way guys. He is totally cool. We've been friends forever. He doesn't eat buffalo.' And they were like, 'He's a lion, Bonehead.' And so I told them how you've always been a picky eater and only really like ibex. And they said, 'Well, he can't come along. It is definitely not cool.' And I said, 'Come on guys, he's my friend.' And they said 'Listen up, Lionel, if you want to run with us then you're gonna have to lose your creepy friend with the big teeth.'"
"But we made plans Lionel. We were going to hang out under the baobab next to the waterhole."
"I know Dave, but I just didn't want them to think I was a dork."
"Who cares what they think Lionel? They're stupid."
"Listen Dave you wouldn't understand. You're not a buffalo."
"That cuts deep Lionel. We used to understand one another perfectly."
"Yeah, well I've changed. I'm not saying we still can't be friends. It's just that maybe we should start hanging out more with our own species."
"You've really hurt me."
"Hey, I didn't mean it to come out so harsh, Dave."
"Never mind. Good bye Lionel."

Two Days Later

"Dave...Don't turn away...Dave!"
"What? What do you want, Lionel?"
"I'm so sorry."
"Well, it's too late for apologies. Better get out of here before I decide to eat you...Don't snort! It's not funny Lionel."
"You? Eat me? Right Dave."
"I'll do it. I swear. Stop that snorting."
"Lionel. You were right. Those guys are idiots. I'm an idiot."
"Yeah, Well that goes without saying."
"Oh! So, it's okay for you to laugh. Listen, I'm really sorry, Dave. Can you forgive me?"
"No...Well, maybe. Only if you stop looking down at the ground and join me for a frolic and then maybe a stop at the watering hole."
"I don't care what those jerks say. You're the best friend a buffalo could ask for."
"Yeah. Whatever. Let's go before I change my mind and eat you."