My Kingdom for a Token-Digital Collage 4" x 6"

"I shall have your head impertinent knave!" I cried as the omnibus pulled from the bus stop. I explained to the Coachman that I had traveled a great distance to this city and that I would soon be claiming it as my own. Did he shudder in fear and tremble in my regal presence? No. Speaking a patois unfamiliar to me he replied, "The Man don't have no bus fare, then the Man don't have no ride." Several ladies in waiting seated within shook their heads in disapproval at my tone. A duke snickered. "I have more gold than the lot of you!" I proclaimed. The driver gave me one of those belittling glances over his spectacles. "Unless you got it with you, you ain't getting on..." he paused for effect, "your Highness," and burst out laughing. The other riders followed suit. Momentarily outplayed but undeterred I stepped down onto the sidewalk. There I espied another would-be conqueror waiting for the 151. "My good man, canst Thou spare a token?" Placing a fraternal hand upon my shoulder he spoke, "I can see by thine vestements thou art no ordinary commuter. Get thee to yonder currency exchange." I feigned jocularity though my humiliation ran deep. "Dear friend, mine ducats are back at the city gates with my first in arms. He and my army await my signal." This fine man shrugged. "Forgive me Friend, but I am afraid mine bus pass has just a solitary ride remaining on it and I must get to mine office with haste for a conference call at 9:30 a.m." His bus pulled up just then. Stepping aboard he turned back and called to me. "Good luck! and Godspeed!"