Up Up and Away-Digital Collage 4" x 4 "

I had set my destination for The Fourth Dimension. If ever there was a time to take to heart the advise of every single teacher who had ever taught me, it was then. I should have checked my work. In my haste to launch myself out of our known world, I made a careless miscalculation and overshot my exit if you will and found myself in The Fifth Dimension. For purposes of science, let me clarify: by the The Fifth Dimension I do not mean the theoretical dimension of Time, but the soul/pop music group of the late 1960s. The situation is embarrassing not just to me, but to the group too. I am a man of science, not an entertainer. Perhaps if the gravitational pull of the group's groove wasn't so inescapably strong, I could break free and end our collective misery. Until that unlikely event happens, I am compelled by some unknowable law of physics to join in singing Stone Cold Picnic, but in my own inept, off-key manner.