Escape from Hors d'Oeuvre Island - Hand-made Collage

I am very excited to share with you news of the imminent release of my first feature film. Escape from Hors d'Oeuvre Island is a thrilling adventure set to a pulsating doo wop/bebop soundtrack. Set in the late 1940s, it tells the story of three under-employed aspiring jazz musicians who sign on to the staff of a luxury cruiseliner only to run aground on a shoal circling a resort island populated by an unruly tribe of vacationing East Coast bluebloods. What ensues is a heart-stopping cat and mouse game involving a special lunch box and thermos. I won't reveal much more about the plot other than to mention that it stars former East German shot putter, Simka Volkeveich as a young Barbara Bush and that our budget for canapés alone nearly halted production on two occasions. If I never see another block of cream cheese it will be too soon.