Le Chat Chat Show - Hand-made Collage

Channel surfing during the wee hours on a recent trip to Antwerp, I stumbled upon what may be the oddest cable access television show in the universe. Le Chat Chat Show is a half-hour talk show on all matters feline hosted by a man sporting an enormous papier-maché cat head. The host, who goes by the name Monsieur Mieu Mieu, speaks in a low monotone, pausing occassionally to lick the back of his hands. Scratch poles appeared to be the topic of the day. Somehow Mieu Mieu managed to fill the time without imparting an iota of relevent information. I didn't know whether to feel disturbed or filled with wonder. My bemusement was all the more pronounced since flemish is the city's official language.

I left that morning for a meeting in Hamburg and did not return to Belgium. On the flight back to the States I thought about the perculiar show and how it managed to get onto television at all. In the weeks since my return I have scoured the internet for any reference to the show, but have found nothing. It give one pause for thought: perhaps the show existed only in a state between waking and sleeping. If so, then who is to say that such a world is not our true reality.