Cultural Exchange - Digital Collage

"To Tashkent" I cried. The driver cracked his whip, the oxcart lurched forward and we were off. Seventy-one bone-jarring days later we pulled into the fabled city. At first glance the low buildings and whorls of dust brought to mind the splendors of Lincoln, Nebraska in August. I jumped from the oxcart, kinoscope in hand and ventured into the busy city center bent on recording the sites and sounds of the city. Among the wonders to be found inTashkent are myriad strains of gum disease and one of the most extensive and elaborate lexicons of hostile and obscene hand gestures. I was fortunate enough to experience many of the latter first hand as I moved about the market filming various merchants.

That first day (how many days have passed since then) I encountered an endearing family of itinerant musicians. The family befriended me and I have found myself in their presence ever since. Though I yearn to return home, I find I am inextricably bound here. In stolen moments, I have been able to cobble together a bit of film that captures the delights of this family and includes a "special" holiday greeting. I urge you to watch this most special film.