Fainting Spell - Hand-made Collage

Clint Swindell fancied himself a connossieur of women and aftershave. Indeed ladies swooned in Clint's embrace, but this effect had less to do with his animal magnetism than with his choice in "vintage" colognes. His dates described the overpowering bouquet of Clint's twenty-year-old aftershave, Really Old Spice as "chloroform with a hint of cloves". Any woman unfortunate enough to accept his invitation to dance fell prey to olfactory overload followed by a fainting spell.

Clint became convinced that his good looks and charms were simply too much for ordinary women. He grew fearful of the dance hall and withdrew from the social scene. One evening while wandering aimlessly along the riverwalk he met a young woman named Rhonda Feldig. Afflicted with chronic sinus trouble since childhood, Rhonda was immune to Clint's scent, but not his charms. The two spent the evening sitting on a bench talking. By the time the moon floated high above them, Clint had found the girl of his dreams.