Arranged Marriage - Hand-made Collage

They met in a Devonshire pet shop. Brenda was purchasing food pellets for Daphne, her three-year-old guinea pig; Gregory had come for a cuttle bone for his budgie, Irvine. The two of them fell into easy conversation in the checkout line. Gregory extolled Irvine's fine plumage and noble character while Brenda spoke of Daphne's industriousness and her fetching puffy cheeks. By the time they reached the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk, the two agreed that their pets must meet.

The first date took place in Brenda's cluttered apartment. Gregory arrived bearing a birdcage that held Irvine. Daphne laid at the bottom of her cage hiding beneath a bed of wood shavings. "The poor dear is nervous," said Brenda. "Let's leave the two of them in peace." Brenda and Gregory then adjourned to the kitchen for a cup of tea. When they returned to the parlor an hour later they found their pets in their exact same positions. The pet owners commented that Daphne and Irvine appeared to be getting along famously. Two more dates followed before Gregory got up the nerve to ask Brenda if she thought that Daphne would accept Irvine's wing in marriage. Gregory's impetuousness on Irvine's behalf set Brenda's head reeling for Daphne. "This is so sudden, but I...Yes, Irvine...Yes." Many happy tears were shed and the following Monday the guinea pig and budgie were wed in a formal ceremony at St. James Cathedral. Though Daphne and Irvine seemed oblivious to the goings on, their owners were clearly overjoyed.