Atlas Found! -Handmade Collage

The world was rocked today by the discovery of the Lost City of Atlantis. The fabled ancient city was found in all places in a cup of coffee at the lunch counter of the Mel-o-dee Diner in Garrettsville, Ohio. Far smaller than originally imagined, the perfectly intact structures when pulled from the coffee cup fit easily on top of the formica counter. Warren Cranford, local pharmacist and unsuspecting discoverer of what may prove the archeological find of the century commented, "Well, I went to lunch at the Mel-o-dee like I do every day and ordered my usual: a cup of the Soup of the Day and black coffee. The soup was tomato rice and Barbara forgot to bring me crackers the way she sometimes does when it gets busy and so I decided to start with my coffee." Mr. Cranford's explanation went on for sometime before arriving at his description of the moment of discovery. "I said to myself, 'What's that floating on the surface of my coffee?' I reached in to grab it, but imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a stone temple of some sort. 'Well, I'll be darned,' I said. I would have shown Barbara right away, but she was still running around and not bringing me my crackers." Mr. Cranston resumed his narrative, explaining that he continued extracting small structures from the cup of coffee until there were no more to be found. Then at last he enjoyed his coffee, awaiting the arrival of his crackers. A team of archeologists is expected to spend the next several decades trying to learn more about Cranston's singular discovery.