Horse Thief -Handmade Collage

I was new to the city and did not know my way around. I had been wandering for several hours downtown and must have been an easy mark. I had just stepped off the curb to cross the street when I heard menacing whinying. I glanced over my shoulder and was startled to have my gaze met with that of a masked horse. It said nothing, but by the way it lifted its nose in the air I understood clearly that I was to put my hands in the air. I turned away not wanting to provoke him. As I did so, the horse nuzzled its giant nose into my back pocket, extracting my wallet. A moment later I heard the clatter of hooves on the sidewalk and before I knew it, the thief was gone. When at last I found a police officer, I was told that unfortunately these things are just part of city life and that I stood little to no chance of recovering my wallet, but that I should look for any suspicious charges on my credit cards for oats and such.