Wait 'til I Get My Tentacles on You - Handmade Collage

You would think that those infernal boys would let an old monster live out his golden years in peace. But no! I can't so much as go out and garden without the neighbors sounding the alarm and calling out those trouble making rascals and their irritating flying machines. Have I not been a model citizen these last three decades? Need I remind you that I was acquitted of all charges relating to the destruction of Tokyo. Did not the jury conclude that my persecution by the citizenry was both "unprovoked and the result of a failure to understand well-known and widely reported symptoms of behemoth allergies". Trust me the social stigma I still bear from that witch trial is a far greater burden than the looks of repulsion I encounter at the supermarket. That said, if those boys keep buzzing my backyard, I swear I'll give them a squeezing like nothing they've known