L'Enfant Terrible of the Cruise Ship - Handmade Collage

I make no apologies: I make art. What our fellow travelers characterized as the "terrible twos," in someone five times my age would be called artistic integrity. If I am unusually assertive in my need to paint a deck chair with fingerpaints, it is because I have a concept that must find expression. Sometimes I feel that only the critics at The New Criterion and Nanny understand and appreciate my singular vision. Ah, Nanny. caretaker, collaborator—diaper changing muse—she who taught me to distain bourgeois convention. As Mommy and Daddy while away the time below deck in the casino, Nanny and I are on deck pulling out all the stops. Whether defiling shuffle board courts or making satirical portraits of the captain upon my diaper, the two of us are leaving our artistic imprint all over this ship.