Out of His Tree - Handmade Collage

When not trying to construct air transport from bits of bubblegum scraped from Vienna's sidewalks Johannes could be found spending afternoons up in a cherry tree in Auer-Welsbach Park conversing with pigeons and an array of imaginary people he claimed lived there with him. Like many a lunatic he was completely harmless when ensconced in his world of delusion. Problems began whenever he came out of the tree to run errands or in search of a meal. Unaccustomed to conversing with real people he would literally "sniff out" conversations from unsuspecting park bench dwellers, running his nose along their limbs like a mad dog.The gentler souls would feed him a handful of peanuts and send him on his way, but many a person took to brandishing an umbrella to chase off him. Johannes continued to live in the tree for many years until one spring he got his hands upon a pair of old wood knitting needles and proceeded to knit himself a cocoon. There he stayed for two weeks until one morning he emerged no longer a lunatic, but a beautiful and quite level-headed ballerina who danced with great success for the Vienna Ballet for many years.