I'm Mad at My Monster - Digital Collage

"I'm not speaking to you."
" What? What did I do Annabelle?"
"I'm mad at you."
"I did everything we always do before bedtime. I fed the dust bunnies. We played hide and seek with Teddy. I read you a bedtime story."
"Clowney came under the bed for a sleepover last night and this morning I found him in my clothes hamper. That's not nice!"
"Yeah, well ... I don't like Clowney under the bed with me."
"Clowney's nice."
"He doesn't do or say anything when he comes under. He just stares at me the whole time."
"Clowney has shiny eyes."
"I think you mean "beady" eyes. I'm going to come clean here Annabelle. Clowney creeps me out. He's scary."
"You're not nice."
"How can you say that? I've tried really hard to be nice to Clowney. I invited him to my tea party last week, but he just sat there without saying a word. Mrs. Waddles and I asked him all kinds of questions, but he didn't answer a single one."
"He's shy."
"Annabelle, he's mute. Clowns are spooky. Please don't make him sleep under the bed with me. Please!
"Fraidy cat!"
" That's it. Mad at me? I'm mad at you! When you're ready to see how insensitive you are being and feel like apologizing you know where to find me!"