How to Convert Canaries into Bananas - Handmade Collage

Are you spending a fortune on bananas each week when you could be making them yourself? Well, now you can make grove fresh bananas at home with Tweet & Peels Canary Banana Maker. The Canary Banana Maker transforms a fully-grown canary into a delicious piece of fruit in just seconds. The secret lies in it sturdy timber construction. The patented six roller array extracts the maximum potassium from each bird while imparting a distinctive nutty flavor. The simple hand crank makes the Tweet & Peels Canary Banana Maker a breeze to use and fun and educational! Your kids will love catching canaries and feeding them into the mechanism.

Why spend another dime on fresh fruit when you can start cranking them out at home with Tweet & Peels Canary Banana Maker. Operators are standing by.