Not on Your Life, Pal- Handmade Collage

Is it just me or are anthropologists a total nightmare? Here our people have been living in peace and contentment, especially after the rainforest had finally been wired for cable when the anthropologists descend upon us with incessant questions and insisting on observing our every move. I don't know why they are so hung up on our devotion to television? I'm not sure why they find it so unsettling that a people who choose to live as they have for millenia should find programs like Friends any less appealing than they do. I hear their talk about television's corrupting influence on our native ways. I've even heard a group of idealistic young anthropologists discuss taking away our televisions! As if they have the right! All I can tell you is what I told Dave, the only one of them who speaks our language, "You can have my television when you pry it from my cold dead hands." Until then, move to the side, Days of Our Lives in coming on and you're blocking my view.