Clingy- Handmade Collage

A month into their relationship, Elaine realized that while an accomplished Eagle Scout, Dwight had separation issues. All through spring and into summer wherever she ventured Dwight was right by her side. She took to swimming in the East River just to try to put some distance between the two of them. Somehow in the time it took her to traverse the river, Dwight managed to make it to the other side and stood there waiting for her. Desperate for a moment's peace, she swam further out and came upon a granite boulder in the middle of the river where at last she had found some much needed personal space. The rest of the summer, she rose early on the weekends and swam out to the rock with a bagged lunch and paperback. She named the spot Tranquility Island and luxuriated in the rare hours of privacy. That is until one afternoon in August when Dwight came paddling down stream in a handmade birch bark canoe. Before she could escape, he managed join her upon the rock. He sat down next to her and laid his head on her shoulder. "I miss you." Elaine stood up. "Dwight! I see you all of the time. Why can't I enjoy a little solitude now and then?" He looked up at her. "This is nice here. Just the two of us. Let's snuggle." Elaine threw up her arms. "Dwight, I'm going home." She bent over preparing to dive into the river when she found that Dwight had climbed on her back. "I need a hug." Elaine teetered on the edge of the rock. She grunted, "Dwight, you're too heavy. You're hurting my back. Please get down." He released his grip and the moment his feet touched the stone Elaine dived into the water. She swam as fast as her arms and legs could carry her and didn't look back. Dwight was a nice guy, but tomorrow she would have to tell him it was over.