New Approaches to Lima Beans- Handmade Collage

What is the single greatest challenge to a pirate captain today? Skullduggery? Mutiny? Mere child's play when compared with the risk of one's crew not getting enough dietary fiber. Nothing presents a greater danger to stability at sea than bloating. Yet, ask any scalawag and he's sure to tell you that he'd just as soon be put in irons and tossed overboard than eat a healthful bowl of lima beans. This he will tell you, all the while raising cain about the equatorial calm befallen his lower intestines.

The time is now to venture forth with bold new approachs to lima beans. Turn over the helm to a trusted first mate and get ye into thy galley! It is amazing how a little butter and sea salt can transform this humble legume into a meal-time treasure. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try adding cinnamon for a taste of the Spice Islands or a pinch of gun powder for a real explosion of flavor. In no time, those bandy-legged sea dogs will be dancing jigs and raising sails. Until then, bon voyage and bon appetite!