Bridge Pixies- Digital Collage

Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge can be unsettling, especially in early summer when bridge pixies hatch and swarm it. Enthusiasts of both the natural and supernatural delight in the annual occurrence when the dainty blue sprites hover along the structure plucking its cables as if the bridge is some kind of massive harp. Such people find the music enchanting. A more fitting term might be eerie. I'm no structural engineer, but all that harmonic vibration can't be good for a bridge that already sways.To make matters worse, clouds of the ethereal creatures hover above the road reducing visibility and bringing traffic to a crawl. Once while driving in a convertible, I had the misfortune of swallowing one. Contrary to its appearance, the winged thing was not airy, nor did it taste like cotton candy. It was more akin to gulping down a cicada and was about as flavorful as one. I can only hope never to repeat the experience. My suggestion for anyone considering visiting Marin County in June is to take the ferry to Sausalito and save yourself the aggravation.