The Potentates of Piscataway handmade collage

Nestled in county Middlesex in that magical realm known as Central Jersey sits a place of enchantment called Piscataway. Although today it enjoys peace, at one time three powerful rulers fought to claim its dominion as their own. The first went by the name of Leo and traveled the road known as Interstate 287. The second was known to all as Frank and moved upon the lanes of the Garden State Parkway. The third, calling himself Vince navigated the New Jersey Turnpike. Orthopedic supplies were their stock and trade. An uneasy peace existed among them until an unscrupulous manufacturer of corrective footwear set off a sales territory land grab that left Piscataway the scene of terrible battles for the hearts and dollars of local podiatrists. When the dust finally settled there was nary an arch support or pair of edema socks to be found in the entire town. To this day, those seeking orthodics are advised to look elsewhere in the adjoining town of Edison.