David (handmade collage)

Hyperactive children can be a lot to deal with in the classroom, and all the more so when one has eight fidgeting appendages that he can't manage to keep to himself. Sister Bernice did her best to rein in David, but he was a handful. When he wasn't poking Daisy O'Donnell, drumming on his desk, punching Jimmy Donovan, bouncing a ball, scratching his name onto his chair, playing with his gum, and twirling his pencil, he was up to another half dozen activities designed to test her patience. She felt for him. How could it not be difficult for a boy like David to fit in, the sole Anglican child in an all-Catholic school? No matter, she had no intention of treating him any different than the others. Such shenanigans had no place in her classroom and if he kept it up she was sure he could put all of those appendages to use after school erasing chalkboards and sharpening pencils.