The Birth of Incandescence - Digital Collage 4" x4"

My first mistake was trying to save a couple of bucks by subcontracting out the Birth of Incandescence ad campaign to the guys in the Politburo. General Electric hoped to garner a greater share of the emerging chinese market so it seemed a good idea at the time. The initial concepts did not test well. These included slogans such as: "The Party says you must buy our lightbulbs," and "Now this is our kind of enlightenment." Performing a high-wire act between the demands of my client and the touchy host country, the best I could offer was a series of propaganda-style posters symbolically depicting the untold promise of lightbulbs. The Committee of Eight found the posters vaguely confusing enough to think they might work. Unfortunately, the suits back at GE felt differently. They had me taken in under the Patriot Act. While I remained holed up in a cell awaiting my hearing, the account was turned over to that weasel Blair. When at last I was released, my credibility in the agency was all but shot and so I left to open the chimes shop I always dreamed of owning.