Off the Mark- Take from The Law of Unforeseen Consequences Series - Digital Collage 4" x6"

Geometry has never been my strength. I did not ask to be put in charge of projectiles.The top brass promoted me for my people management skills without giving too much thought to the other job requirements. Not being an engineer I know the guys in the Division looked upon me with some initial skepticism, but after a few weeks of working together I think they came to respect me for supporting their pet projects and promoting their individual strengths.

Of course, it had to happen on that Friday afternoon when I had told all the guys to cut out early and go bowling. I was sitting in the control room catching up some paper work when the call came in from NORAD. "This is not a test," droned the recorded voice on the other end of the line. My initial reaction was to pick up the phone and call the bowling alley, but twice I was put on hold only to be disconnected. I knew NORAD would be calling, hounding me in a matter of minutes. I turned over Gus's vacation request form and quickly tried to calculate the correct coordinates for the target, but as I mentioned, arcs and angles are beyond my limited grasp. In frustration, I drew a ninety degree angle and kept bisecting it until I got what I thought was the approximate trajectory. Finally, with great trepidation I pushed the launch button.

Twenty minutes later the call came in from NORAD. I had obliterated out Scranton and I had some explaining to do.