Canary Death Call and Bad Company Sermon- Digital Collage 4" x 6

What will you do when it comes for you, that canary death call. Brothers and Sisters, will you like me, feign ignorance and deny with vehemence that you heard anything at all? And how shall you answer when that great sedan pulls up along side you asking for directions? Will you stare straight into the face of death, fall prey to its enticements, and let yourself be transported to the other world? If you choose that path than I can only say, "Pleasant travels". I for one plan to wave that car right along and mutter something along the lines of "Sorry, I can't help you. Not from around here." Hear me today, Brothers and Sisters. Death and its companions make bad company. I speak of course, not from experience, but instead from deep-seeded fear. So, if Death should ever inquire as to my whereabouts, simply reply, "I believe he has moved down to Miami."Can I get an Amen?