Utensils Akimbo Collage 8" x 8"

Between the fork and spoon spanned an abyss. All agreed the spork had been an abomination. Granted it had been the only logical compromise to their impass, but such a freak deserved no place at a well-set table. Others tried to remind them that in days of old, diners used their hands. And to drive the point home they added that there was no reason eating with hands couldn't make a come back. Furthermore, it was said that if the two couldn't share the table in peace, well then they could settle the matter between themselves in the privacy of the utensil drawer. So, as the dining hour approached the two laid side by side, not speaking to one another, arms akimbo, simmering with resentment Into this unfortunate mix entered a pair of chopsticks. The next day they told the others they didn't know what hit them.