The Loneliness of a Monster- Digital Collage 6" x 4"

Today was just one of those days. I finally got up the nerve to ask Debbie Weber to the movies only to have that jerk Ted Sinclair interrupt me and drag her off to a Year Book meeting.Lunch was another ordeal with the jocks taunting me, asking whether or not I was related to the lime green jello. Very funny. To top it all off, the villagers chased me home with torches and pitchforks.

I went straight to my room and put on headphones to listen to The Best of Bread. I want to play Debbie Baby I A Want You and confess everything I feel for her...Who am I kidding? It will never happen. Not with a girl like Debbie. It's bad enough I'm a monster from the wrong side of the tracks.Let alone, the fact that her father is pretty miffed with Dad for that time he asked to "borrow" Mrs. Weber's spleen.You think he could be more embarrassing?.

My only friend is this squirrel that comes through my window every afternoon. Then again, he's probably only friendly because I give him trail mix. I swear the minute that diploma is in my hand I'm out of here.