An Audience of One- Digital Collage 4" x 4"

I was minding my own business waiting for the evening train when a man dressed much like myself walked up to me and inquired if for the price of a quarter I would like to watch his performance of one of Samuel Beckett's short dramatic pieces. Startled but curious I consented and handed him a coin. He reached into his pocket and when he pulled it back out three of his fingers were fitted with slightly grotesque finger puppets. What followed was certainly strange and yet engrossing. I stood before him mesmerized by the interplay of the little heads bobbing upon his fingertips; the intricate dialogue delivered with an almost surgical precision in three distinct voices. Although the entire performance lasted no more than two or three minutes, it was without question the finest acting I had ever seen. At the play's conclusion, the man put the finger puppets back into his trousers pocket and moved down the platform and approached the next potential audience of one.