Like Really - Digital Collage 4" x 6"

Oh my God! You're not going to believe it. Suki and I were like going from Flower Arranging to Tea Ceremony when that dork supremo, Bob Sorensen walks right up to Suki with an armful of corn of all things! I swear I could have died of embarrassment for Suki. He just like stands there staring at her. "What?" she says. But that moron just stares and grins for about a million years and finally says, "I grew these here ears of corn for you in 4-H, Miss Suki." I totally had to turn away and laugh when I heard that. Suki turned and shot me a look. Then, I admit it's sort of mean, but I ran over to Yuki and Hana, leaving Suki to deal with it alone. I mean like really. What makes a plebe like Bob Sorensen think he could ever go out with one of us. Everyone at this school (except for Bob Sorenson apparently) knows that Geishas and Hayseeds don't mix.I was saying all of this to Yuki and Hana when Hana says, and I swear I'm not making this up! "I think it's sweet." My jaw dropped to my sash. I was speechless. "What!" I cried. "And I suppose you're going to tell me you think Bob's sort of cute now. Just push me on my ceremonial dagger, you guys." Then Yuki says, "Well, Bob is sort of cute." I shuddered. All I could say is "Eeew!" and walk to Tea Ceremony without them. I mean like really.