Cream of Apparition- Digital Collage 4.5" x 8"

Four older men sat in a booth at the front of the restaurant having lunch.

"Holy Toledo, Jerry! Take a look at your soup," cried Dennis. The four looked down into the soup and saw the face of a woman floating there.
Leonard slid from the booth and dropped to his knees. "It's the Virgin, Fellas.It''s a miracle."
Shielding their eyes from the corona radiating from the formica tabletop, the other men looked down on the face.
Mike leaned over the bowl "Oh! False alarm. It's Loretta Young!"
"Loretta Young!" they repeated. "No foolin'?"
"Take a look," answered Mike.
"What d'ya know!" exclaimed Leonard rising to his feet. "Isn't that something!"
The glare subsided and the men leaned over the bowl.
"It's Loretta Young all right," said Jerry, the others nodding in agreement.
"Say, do you guys remember her in The Bishop's Wife," asked Dennis.
"With David Niven. Yeah sure." replied Jerry.
"And Cary Grant as an angel. They ice skated together," added Leonard.
"She was sure a looker back then," said Dennis.
"She sure was," the others agreed.
"Sweet, though," noted Mike.
"The sweetest," the others concurred.
Then, as if nothing happened the men took their places at the table and resumed their meal.