CAUTION: The following pages contain some heavy philosophical stuff, Man. Like the Management cannot be held responsible if Squares find their little minds blown.

These pages are taken from Hugh Musick's notebook and contain an assortment of bewildering essays covering topics such as:

"If health officials are so concerned with "mad" cows why do they show little if no concern for the reasoning deficits of poultry?"

"What happens to an 1980's-era "Boy Toy" when he reaches the ripe age of retirement?"

"Why don't fables ever feature bitter disillusioned animals?"


These pages offer fascinating insights into the exciting life and mind of Hugh Musick including:

Hugh's take on what a friendship collage would look like if he and nineteenth century poet Charles Baudelaire were girls in the sixth grade.

The things Hugh ate during two days in New York City in January 2004.

A sort of explanation (tirade) as to why Hugh doesn't like Fred Astaire.

and much much more that is neither particularly interesting or legible. They're like Hugh's other work only bigger and on two pages.